Center for Divorce Mediation
When mediating a divorce the couple must divide up all their assets. I have seen all sorts of assets including frequent flier mileage. However, an article in the Modern Love feature in the New York Times entitled Closing Up Shop on a Marriage by Julia Zichello, suggested an asset which I have never seen or contemplated in a divorce. The asset is pharmacy rewards. She concludes the article with these words. “I know that until I close our joint rewards account, I will continue to receive my ex-husband’s receipts, like love letters from the landfill. And maybe a specific cluster of neurons for the life we once shared will fire for the rest of my days. But now that my local Duane Reade is gone, I no longer need his points.” See the entire article at I will have to consider pharmacy reward points in future mediations. Learn more about mediation at CDM (394) 6/15/22